Pet Daycare

When your dog needs to get out of the house, run around, and meet some new furry friends, Canine Acres is ready to let ‘em run!

Dogs that remain inactive and isolated over long periods of time tend to misbehave, create messes, and chew on things. Conversely, dogs that release their energy by running, jumping, and playing tend to behave and feel their best.

While some may regard boarding as a necessity and daycare as a luxury, research shows that a visit to a professionally managed daycare can be essential to a dog’s physical, social, and emotional health. In addition to eliminating the inconvenience of having to return home to let out your dog, daycare improves your dog’s overall well-being by facilitating playful socialization and releasing nervous energy.

Daycare Pricing

1 Day of Daycare

$ 25
  • 0 off

5 Day Package

$ 115
($23 per day)
  • % 10 off

10 Day Package

$ 220
($22 per day)
  • % 15 off

15 Day Package

$ 315
($21 per day)
  • % 20 off

30 Day Package

$ 600
($20 per day)
  • % 25 off

Question & Answers

What will my dog experience during a typical daycare stay?
Daycare is designed to ease your mind as a dog owner by creating an enjoyable, highly interactive day that will leave your dog suitably tired and relaxed. Your dog’s day will be packed full of canine and human friends, along with toys, treats, playtime and more.

What is considered a healthy number of daycare visits for my dog?
We encourage dog owners to discover how their dog can benefit from our daycare services, be it for only one day a week or for five days a week. One thing to keep in mind is that a dog’s familiarity with our facility, staff, and other dogs increases with more frequent and consistent visits. This is particularly true for puppies who need to establish house-breaking habits and learn how to socialize with other dogs.

What if I just wanted to try your daycare service?
We offer a five-day daycare package you can use at any time. Think of the package as a punch card you can use over five consecutive days or any five days that suit your schedule. 

Does my dog’s daycare package expire?
Yes. Daycare packages expire 6 months after the date of purchase.

How and by whom is your daycare staffed?
Our daycare is staffed by professionals who will interact with and closely monitor your dog.  Our mission is to ensure a safe, positive experience for your dog. The only problem could be that your pup may not want to go home!

*Please note: Purchased daycare packages have no cash value. Services are not transferable.