Pet Daycare

When your dog needs to get out of the house, run around, and meet some new furry friends, Canine Acres is ready to let ‘em run!


While some may regard boarding as a necessity and daycare as a luxury, research shows that a visit to a professionally managed daycare can be beneficial to a dog’s physical, social, and emotional health. In addition to eliminating the inconvenience of having to return home to let out your dog, daycare improves your dog’s overall well-being by facilitating playful socialization and releasing nervous energy.

Our staff-monitored daycare program is designed to create a fun and safe environment for your dog or puppy to play, run, and make new friends.  Because of the interactive nature of a large daycare playgroup, we have a simple 3-step process designed to evaluate your dog and inform you prior to your dog becoming an official member of our daycare pack.

  1. Dog History Form
  2. Daycare Evaluation  – call to schedule 
  3. First Daycare Day & Ongoing Evaluation

Daycare Pricing

*Daycare packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

1 Day of Daycare

$ 29
  • 0 off

5 Day Package

$ 135
($27 per day)
  • % 10 off

10 Day Package

$ 260
($26 per day)
  • % 15 off

15 Day Package

$ 375
($25 per day)
  • % 20 off

30 Day Package

$ 720
($24 per day)
  • % 25 off

Play & Train Program

Our Play and Train Program will provide your dog with the ability to learn some basic obedience skills with Bri, our trainer, while also allowing them to burn some energy playing with the Daycare group. During their downtime between daycare play groups, your dog will learn a variety of skills, such as Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Leave It,  as well as basic leash manners. These skills are proven to train your dog to obey and behave both at home and in public.


The training will take place every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday for five weeks from the start of your training package. At the end of the 5-week session, you will schedule a 30-minute one-on-one class with Bri to transfer the obedience skills to your command. This one-on-one session is included in the cost of the training package.


You can register your dog for our Play and Train Program by  visiting our boarding/daycare building or by calling our office to get scheduled for a Daycare evaluation (please ask for Bri). Completing our daycare evaluation will assure that your dog is a good fit for our Play and Train Pprogram.  After you have completed the Daycare Evaluation, you will be able to purchase the 15-day Training Package that can be added to any 15- or 30-day Daycare Package.


The price for a 15-day training package is $350.00 + tax. Canine Acres will provide treats for your dog’s training , and you will be sent home each day with a report card explaining the skills and commands   covered that day. The prices for 15- and 30-day Daycare packages can be found under the Daycare tab on our website.


Question & Answers

This e-form (Dog History Form) can be found and submitted  directly from our website. This history form is to help us  gather information on your dog’s behaviors and how to best communicate with them.

By providing us with complete and accurate  concerns or issues you have with your dog, we can  provide your dog  with a safe and successful daycare experience!

Dogs do not “pass” or “fail” the evaluation. Rather, it helps us to  more accurately determine where we should start and  how we might be able to help your dog adjust and thrive.

Once your dog has completed the evaluation process daycare days can be conveniently scheduled on our website. If you would like to pre-book your dog for weekly reoccurring visits, our staff would be happy to set that up for you.

We ask that youl schedule an appointment by phone to complete a Daycare evaluation with us. Drop-off time for this evaluation is between 7:30am-10am.  The pick-up time is between 4pm-6pm. Throughout the day, our staff will work through the evaluation with your dog.

The evaluator first will take time to get to know your dog one on one. They will then  follow a structured evaluation process which includes gradually introducing him to other dogs while grading him on a number of different  criteria. Your dog will control the pace of the process so at the end of the day, you will receive a full written report of our observations and have a  follow-up conversation with the evaluator.

Dogs do not “pass” or “fail” the evaluation; rather it helps us to better understand where we should start and where we might be able to help your dog  adjust and thrive.

We provide your dog with a staff-monitored environment to positively and safely engage in play. Other possible benefits may include development of social skills, exercise, enrichment, mental stimulation, and relationship building with our staff.

Bringing in your dog as a puppy is a huge benefit for socialization and confidence building ! We recommend puppies start visiting anytime  after they have reached 12 weeks.

If this is your first time visiting for daycare, you will  enter the lobby at your scheduled appointment time.

Daycare dogs can be brought to the side door just past our main lobby door. You can ring the doorbell to let us know  you are waiting to drop off your dog, and a staff member will meet you at the door to receive your dog. Pick up for daycare dogs with packages will happen at the same door. If you do not have a package, you are asked tol come into the lobby to pay for the day.

Always feel free to come into the lobby if you have any questions or need to make any purchases!

Upon arrival, daycare dogs go outside individually and then into their assigned kennel while waiting for the rest of the daycare pack to check in. During daycare, we  encourage  positive play with the use of toys, obstacles, and treats. After  dogs are brought in for lunch and down time to relax and avoid overstimulation,they go back outside to play for the afternoon.

Yes. Smaller dogs are separated from the mid-sized  and large breeds.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with different breed tendencies and personalities- so it depends! We would love to help you determine if Daycare will be a good fit for your dog. Here are some socialization categories your dog may fall under in our system.

Great for daycare:
Dog-Social– appropriately playful with other dogs. There is no dog they do not love!

Likely a good daycare fit:
Dog-Tolerant– More tolerant than playful, shows no interest in other dogs, but will act  appropriately..

Dog-Selective– Ok with some dogs, less tolerant and “meh” of others.

Not a good fit for daycare:
Dog-Defensive– May play with some dogs but can be reactive to dogs that challenge them.

Dog-Aggressive–Often does not tolerate other dogs and can become stressed or overwhelmed by their presence.

We respect your decision to keep your dog intact. Our daycare regulations are designed solely for the safety of the pack, not to pass judgment.

For a variety of reasons, intact dogs are not always a good match for an open play environment such as daycare. Intact dogs are more likely to display or create challenging daycare behaviors such as humping and dominance. For this reason, we require dogs to be spayed/neutered by 18 months to ensure that we have a safe daycare environment. If your intact dog displays these behaviors prior to 18 months of age we will bring it to your attention. Note: This requirement does not apply to boarding and grooming guests.

Spaying and neutering can curb behaviors that could otherwise prevent your dog from being accepted into the pack. It also maintains balance and fair play, as intact dogs have a  greater drive to protect toys, spaces and even other dogs. For information on whether spaying and neutering is  appropriate for your dog, talk to your local veterinarian.

We first attempt to redirect and use verbal cues. If unsuccessful with these strategies, we shake noise makers to disrupt the unwanted behavior. Finally, we will give a time out or remove a dog if the behavior is a higher level of concern or if they are persistent in negative behavior.

Collar  and Leash: All daycare dogs MUST check in with a collar on and a leash  attached to the collar.

Food (optional): You can bring snacks in a ziploc bag designated with your dog’s name. If they come to daycare multiple times a week, you can leave a larger bag of food with us to use whenever your dog comes in.

E-Collars / Bark Collars / Prongs / Choker Chains / Harnesses: We will remove non-essential apparatus from your dog before they enter daycare.

Extra belongings: Do not bring without approval from staff. We have stainless steel bowls for water and food, as well as blankets to keep your dog comfortable and cozy.

It will vary based on your dog! For example, a Husky may come home still ready to run a 5K but a lower- drive dog like a Basset Hound may be exhausted and want to chill. While we will make sure your dog is engaged and active,   behavioral outcomes will vary.

We will always continue to update you on any behavioral changes  your dog may  exhibit . We may try to flag you down to come into the lobby to talk if we have any concerns,updates or warm fuzzies to share with you. If you have questions about your dog, please ask!